We use 14K gold or sterling silver in all of our pieces! 14K has a gorgeous warm glow that's subtle and minimal. It's also stronger and more scratch resistant than a higher karat of gold.


Gold filled is a layer of gold pressure bonded to a base metal through extreme pressure and heat. This allows for a substantial layer of gold that won't flake or discolor and with proper care will last for years to come.


For special requests (alignment, fonts,...) or questions, you can add a message at the checkout page.

Zodiac double necklace tiny extra

What's your zodiac sign? (Disc 1)
What's your zodiac sign? (Disc 2)
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  • Material : 14 karat goldfilled / .925 Sterling silver / 14 karat rose goldfilled

    Size circle : 12,7 mm & 9 mm
    There is a slight difference between the front and back
    Length : one size (16 cm / 17 cm / 18 cm / 19 cm)
    Text color : transparant

  • min. 2 weeks 


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