Flowers that won't ever lose their bloom.

January - Snowdrop : Warmth & Hope


The Snowdrop reminds us that when winter comes, spring is not far behind, putting out flowers while most of the plant kingdom is taking a long nap. As you'd expect from a plant that emerges at such a seemingly unpromising time of the year, it symbolises warmth and hope. 

February - Violet : Love, faithfulness, wisdom, hope & truthfulness

Violets are all about the love. They have heart shaped leaves, are used in poems and are a sign of love, faithfulness, wisdom, hope and truthfulness.

So what a perfect flower to celebrate the month in which Valentine's Day falls.

March - Daffodil : New beginnings & hope

The cheery Daffodil symbolizes the arrival of spring, they are one of the first flowers of the new season. Therefor the Daffodil represents new beginnings and hope.

April - Sweet pea : Modesty, sweetness, simplicity & gratitude

The symbolism of the Sweet pea as "modest" seems to suit it perfectly. Because with its wayward tendrils, the little plant does seem to not take itself too seriuously - it's more of a joyful "Here I am, just happy to be". This humble flower also represent sweetness, simplicity and gratitude.

May - Lilly of the valley : Return of happiness and good luck.

This plant is adorned with tiny delicate bells and has the sweetest smell. It's name means "return of happiness" and represents all the little things in life that bring us joy. This tiny flower will give good luck.

June - Rose : Balance

With his soft petals and rigid thorns the rose is an emblem that a beautiful life comes with a balance. Challenging times help us appreciate the sweet moments even more.

July - Larkspur : Lightness & open heart

The beautiful Larkspur is a symbol of lightness and cheerfulness due to the colourful butterflies and bumblebees it attracts. In general it is said to signify an open heart.

August - Poppy : Hope & dreams

Poppies represent celebrating your dreams. They are a symbol of all the hopes and desires you hope to become, achieve and create in life.

September - Morning glory : Love & affection

The Morning glory is a flower that blooms in the morning hours. However, by the time the sun has fallen, the flower has died. Each morning will give birth to a brand new flower on the plant. The flower symbolises love and affection The plant teach us to be receptive to the healing rays of love even though they might not last, just like its flower.

October - Marigold : Warmth, love & creativity

Because of its resemblance to the sun, the Marigold is often associates with warmth, love and creativity. Marigolds are also often used for remembering the lost loved ones.

November - Chrysanthemum : Joy & beauty

These flowers are the latest bloomers of the year. The Chrysanthemum brings us the message that even the beginning of winter can have joy and beauty.

December - Poinsettia : Success, celebrations & purity

Poinsettias symbolise good cheer, merriment and that all things are possible. Additional meanings include success, celebrations and purity. When given as a gift, it conveys the message "you're the only one".